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Naked City - Live in Strasbourg, France (1989) [FULL SET]

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Excellent-quality audio of John Zorn's Naked City playing live in Strasbourg, France at Ancienne Laiterie Centrale on 9/28/89. This was broadcast on a French radio station a year after the show took place, & again in 2015. Compositions by Zorn unless otherwise noted. 1. Radio Intro 2. Batman 3. Graveyard Shift 4. Radio Announcement 5. Latin Quarter 6. James Bond Theme (John Barry) 7. Reanimator 8. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Jerry Goldsmith) 9. Rapid Shave (Shirley Scott) 10. Snagglepuss 11. Lonely Woman (Ornette Coleman) 12. Surfer Girl (Beach Boys) 13. Church Key (The Revels) 14. Igneous Ejaculation 15. Igneous Ejaculation...
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