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YOU can make a game in a weekend (Ludum Dare Documentary)

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Join us for the 15th year of Ludum Dare this April 21st - 24th. We will be alpha testing a new site at ldjam.com follow @ludumdare on twitter for real time updates. Thank you everyone who interviewed! Summer Howard - @gamesofsummer Sos Sosowski - @sosowski Leaf Cocoran - @moonscript James Earl Cox III - @just404it Joe Cox - @joecawks Jeremy - @jezzamonn Evan Todd - @etodd_ Dan Moran - @DanielJMoran Gabriel - @SirGFM Thomas Steinke - @therealsteinke Elliot Fiske - @elliotfiske Alexander Birke - @AlexanderBirke Nate Buck - @Nate_Buck Lena LeRay - @Crowbeak Noah Ratcliff - @20c109 Claire Blackshaw -...
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